Our Philosophy Le Défi dé puréte

.....inspired by the senses of mind, body and soul, with a profound knowledge and understanding of dermatology and beauty,  Le Defi brings skin care, body care & hair care products free of harmful chemical ingredients.

many beauty products use toxic synthetic ingredients, claiming to be natural but the fact is that only few of the ingredients may be natural while the rest are synthetic.  These products may appear good and fragrant but in reality they cause high level of toxin absorbed into the body,


with a strong belief  of  inner well-being that our ancestors passed on to us, Le defi’s  holistic approach utilizes ONLY NATURAL ingredients of  therapeutic  value derived from rare flowers , plants, nuts and seed extracts  combined with the advantage of modern-age technology to present purified certificated organic natural products based on ‘living in harmony of mind, body and soul’....


Le Defi’s products promise the following:-

a) All Natural , No Chemicals
b) 100% Pure Plant, Flower, Grain & Nut Actives
c) Biodegradable
d) No Artificial Colors
e) No Silicone or Parabans
f) Eco-Friendly

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